So I’ve decided to blog

You know, that thing we all say that we should be doing for any number of perfectly valid reasons.

Build your persona, they say. Cultivate an image. Invest into your future. Express yourself, motivate yourself.


Here’s the thing: it’s hard. I’ve been telling myself to do this for maybe five years. Yet here I am, having never done so.

Imposter syndrome is a bitch

Why should you, someone who is decidedly not me, care about what I have to say? I told myself that now is the time to do this a week ago and I’ve been wrestling with this question since.

I’m fairly boring in my own eyes, I don’t have monumental accomplishments to share. Most days the most impressive thing I do is simply get out of bed. So what the hell can I write about that people would find entertaining enough to bother with?

So here’s the deal: I’m not going to write to impress you. Pretend I’m saying that in such a way that it’s not obvious I’m aware that I probably couldn’t if I wanted to.

OK, so what am I going to write about?

Whatever interests me in the moment, probably. I like all kinds of stuff, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to come up with topics.

I’m a software developer with a passion for learning new things, I play the violin (poorly), I’m a black belt martial artist, I have a wife and three kids. But mostly, I have time.

Story time with Nate

I’ve spent the last four years working as a remote web developer for a sports based company, which has overall been pretty cool. Last week that company announced it was laying off pretty much everybody. We were surprised and displeased.

Being home alone most of the time is rough. Being home alone most of the time while dealing with huge amounts of stress and fighting off depression is worse. Frankly, I need a distraction, and it’s about time I did something productive again.

You know, build my persona, cultivate an image, invest into my future. Express and motivate myself.

So I’ve decided to blog.